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There are multiple ways to install / make available csaf-lint.

Local Environment per pipx

A quite safe option to evaluate python packages is per pipx.

$ pipx install csaf-lint

Later upgrades can be installed per pipx upgrade csaf-lint

Install per pip

Another option to evaluate python packages on environment level is per pip. It is good practice to trial pacakges at first inside a python virtual environment.

$ pip install csaf-lint

Later upgrades can be installed per pip install --upgrade csaf-lint

Install per docker

For now cf. as shagen/csaf-lint to obtain install and initial usage instructions for the docker image.

Inside Repository Clone

For contributing to csaf-lint development it is a good idea to fork the repository and clone that fork to your work environment.

The following one-time install steps set up a working virtual environment inside the clone directory (pyenv is used as example assuming the active python interpreter is 3.9.2):

$ pyenv virtualenv fluffy-funicular-3-9-2
$ pyenv local fluffy-funicular-3-9-2
$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

In case these steps succeed, inside this directory a complete development and test environment should be ready to use.