Experimental CSAF envelope and body profile validator.

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In short: The current version of the csaf-lint validates documents in various Common Security Advisory Framework (CSAF) formats against built-in or user custom schema files.

The supported versions are:

  • CSAF 2.0 (default is now the 2021.03.23 editor version)
  • CSAF 1.2 (aka CVRF 1.2)
  • CSAF 1.1 (aka CVRF 1.1)

Caveat Emptor

  1. Expect changes to the CSAF v2.0 support because the underlying OASIS specification is undergoing development by the members of the OASIS technical committee. This may lead to breaking changes until the standard is published on committee specification level. The current supported draft JSON Schema versions are from 2021-03-23, 2021-03-19, and 2021-03-07.
  2. The previous versions namely CVRF 1.1 and 1.2 were in XML format.
  3. The current version CSAF 2.0-candidates are in JSON Schema format.

Available on PyPI as csaf-lint


Recommended installation of current experimental package:

❯ python -m pipx install csaf-lint

Bug Tracker

Any feature requests or bug reports shall go to the todos of csaf-lint.

Primary Source repository

The main source of csaf-lint is on a mountain in central Switzerland. We use distributed version control (git). There is no central hub. Every clone can become a new source for the benefit of all. The preferred public clone of csaf-lint is:

  • at sourcehut - a collection of tools useful for software development.


Please do not submit "pull requests" (I found no way to disable that "feature" on GitHub). If you like to share small changes under the repositories license please kindly do so by sending a patchset. You can either send such a patchset per email using git send-email or if you are a sourcehut user by selecting "Prepare a patchset" on the summary page of your fork at sourcehut.


Please kindly submit issues at https://todo.sr.ht/~sthagen/csaf-lint or write plain text email to ~sthagen/[email protected] to submit patches and request support. Thanks.