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  • Bumped dependencies for development and test
  • Moved documentation to
  • Moved tracker to
  • Moved normative source repo to
  • Added test coverage link to documentation and coverage to


2021.5.13 (0.0.6)

  • Sixth release to PyPI with compatibility info changes and pinning of faker dependency

2019.11.17 (0.0.5)

  • Fifth release to PyPI with file system interfacing list and triage functions as well as unit tests

2019.11.14 (0.0.4)

  • Fourth release to PyPI with new issue key parsers, sorters and unit tests as well as the new CHANGELOG

2019.10.28 (0.0.3)

  • Third release to PyPI with changed github account.

2019.10.27 (0.0.2)

  • Second release to PyPI.

2019.10.24 (0.0.1)

  • First release on PyPI.