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  • Moved SBOM noise into folder and added SPDX SBOM (derived) in multiple file formats
  • Added a baseline
  • Added SBOM and third-party documentation
  • Bumped python version range to 3.9-3.11
  • Fixed top level only constraint - now any current working dir inside a git tree will work
  • Removed some cruft from early script, encoding, and taming the linter days
  • Bumped dependencies for development and test
  • Moved documentation to
  • Moved tracker to
  • Moved normative source repo to
  • Added test coverage link to documentation and coverage to
  • Changed behavior for lists: Using list symbols * for commits, + for staged files, and - for modified files
  • Enhanced implementation of adding a path to local repository as optional CLI argument (#9)
  • Added documentation of use to github pages and python packaging (
  • Amended metadata for python packaging
  • Added more tests conrtibuting to 98 % test line coverage
  • Experimental implementation of adding a path to local repository as optional CLI argument (#9)
  • Added dependency typer as base for implementing the enhanced command line API
  • More tests to cover the command line API but less coverage due to expanded code (new commands)
  • Exposed console entrypoint naturally named foran to ease script use cases
  • Experimental implementation of alerting on local staged for commit (#6)
  • Fixed typing use to enable ancient python 3.8.x versions
  • Increased test coverage by adding test with non-remote repository
  • Enhanced github pages documentation
  • Learned to place nice when there is no remote at all
  • Reduced python minimal version requirement down to >=3.8
  • Added report stem parameter (name of report file)
  • Corrected missing dependency
2021.10.11 (0.0.1)
  • Initial release on PyPI