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Puhdistusalue (Finnish for clean area here meaning purge range).

Purge monotonically named files in folders keeping range endpoints.

Note: Within a folder, only the ordering and the min-max membership to its content identity range determines to keep a file.

License: MIT

Third party dependencies are documented in the folder third-party.

version downloads wheel supported-versions supported-implementations

Bug Tracker

Any feature requests or bug reports shall go to the todos of puhdistusalue.

Primary Source repository

The main source of puhdistusalue is on a mountain in central Switzerland. We use distributed version control (git). There is no central hub. Every clone can become a new source for the benefit of all. The preferred public clones of puhdistusalue are:

  • on codeberg - a democratic community-driven, non-profit software development platform operated by Codeberg e.V.
  • at sourcehut - a collection of tools useful for software development.


Please do not submit "pull requests" (I found no way to disable that "feature" on GitHub). If you like to share small changes under the repositories license please kindly do so by sending a patchset. You can either send such a patchset per email using git send-email or if you are a sourcehut user by selecting "Prepare a patchset" on the summary page of your fork at sourcehut.