2022.11.13 : * Added Critical Path Analysis (CPA) implementation with tests

  • Raised the bar to python versions greater or equal to 3.9

2022.09.24 : * Added cleansing of site folder to clean target

  • Added developer dep for docstring style check from cartesian strategy source
  • Added editor artifacts to git ignores
  • Added experimental pytest plugins to test deps from cartesian strategy source
  • Added new dev and test deps
  • Added packaging dep and bumped dev deps
  • Added test coverage page/link to docs
  • Bumped impl, dev, and test deps
  • Dropped dev deps (prospector==1.7.7 as prospector still insists on older mccabe)
  • End of line sanity across platforms (LF)
  • Excluded tests from packaging
  • Exempted the matrix variable names from the dump linter mindset
  • Fixed #4 by adding namespace prefix to control_flow call
  • Fixed typos in documentation # 3
  • Fixed, updated, and harmonized make file
  • Made README and docs landing page lobby for the distributed in dvcs (git), codeberg, and sourcehut
  • Migrated from setup.cfg to pyproject.toml for packaging
  • Patched README and docs landing page to provide the original codeberg blurb from
  • Removed dev tool that triggers false positive on license deviations at and adapted to new test folder name
  • Removed final traces of github from the docs
  • Updated editor config


2021.11.27 : * Initial release to pypi