Third Party Dependencies

The SBOM in CycloneDX v1.4 JSON format with SHA256 checksum (40ba50da ...).


JSON files with complete license info of: direct dependencies | all dependencies

Direct Dependencies

NameVersionLicenseAuthorDescription (from packaging data)
PyYAML6.0MIT LicenseKirill SimonovYAML parser and emitter for Python
foran2022.12.7MIT LicenseStefan Hagen [email protected]In front or behind (Danish: foran eller bagved)? Answering the question if a local repository status is in front of or behind its remote.
taksonomia2022.12.7MIT LicenseStefan Hagen [email protected]Taxonomy (Finnish: taksonomia) of a folder tree, guided by conventions.
treelib1.6.1Apache Software LicenseXiaming ChenA Python 2/3 implementation of tree structure.
typer0.7.0MIT LicenseSebastián RamírezTyper, build great CLIs. Easy to code. Based on Python type hints.

Indirect Dependencies

NameVersionLicenseAuthorDescription (from packaging data)
GitPython3.1.40BSD LicenseSebastian Thiel, Michael TrierGitPython is a Python library used to interact with Git repositories
click8.1.6BSD LicensePallets [email protected]Composable command line interface toolkit
future0.18.3MIT LicenseEd SchofieldClean single-source support for Python 3 and 2
gitdb4.0.10BSD LicenseSebastian ThielGit Object Database
lxml4.9.3BSD Licenselxml dev teamPowerful and Pythonic XML processing library combining libxml2/libxslt with the ElementTree API.
psutil5.9.5BSD LicenseGiampaolo RodolaCross-platform lib for process and system monitoring in Python.
py-cpuinfo9.0.0MIT LicenseMatthew Brennan JonesGet CPU info with pure Python
smmap5.0.0BSD LicenseSebastian ThielA pure Python implementation of a sliding window memory map manager

Dependency Tree(s)

JSON file with the complete package dependency tree info of: the full dependency tree

Rendered SVG

Base graphviz file in dot format: Trees of the direct dependencies

Trees of the direct dependencies

Console Representation

├── GitPython [required: >=3.1.29, installed: 3.1.40]
│   └── gitdb [required: >=4.0.1,<5, installed: 4.0.10]
│       └── smmap [required: >=3.0.1,<6, installed: 5.0.0]
└── typer [required: >=0.7.0, installed: 0.7.0]
    └── click [required: >=7.1.1,<9.0.0, installed: 8.1.6]
├── lxml [required: >=4.9.1, installed: 4.9.3]
├── orjson [required: >=3.8.3, installed: 3.9.4]
├── psutil [required: >=5.9.4, installed: 5.9.5]
├── py-cpuinfo [required: >=9.0.0, installed: 9.0.0]
└── PyYAML [required: >=6.0, installed: 6.0]
└── future [required: Any, installed: 0.18.3]