Third Party Dependencies

The SBOM in CycloneDX v1.4 JSON format with SHA256 checksum (53aab72a ...).


JSON files with complete license info of: direct dependencies | all dependencies

Direct Dependencies

NameVersionLicenseAuthorDescription (from packaging data)
PyYAML6.0.1MIT LicenseKirill SimonovYAML parser and emitter for Python
gensim4.3.2LGPL-2.1-onlyRadim RehurekPython framework for fast Vector Space Modelling
typer0.9.0MIT LicenseSebastián RamírezTyper, build great CLIs. Easy to code. Based on Python type hints.

Indirect Dependencies

NameVersionLicenseAuthorDescription (from packaging data)
click8.1.6BSD LicensePallets [email protected]Composable command line interface toolkit
numpy1.25.2BSD LicenseTravis E. Oliphant et al.Fundamental package for array computing in Python
python-dateutil2.8.2Apache Software License; BSD LicenseGustavo NiemeyerExtensions to the standard Python datetime module
pytz2023.3MIT LicenseStuart BishopWorld timezone definitions, modern and historical
regex2023.8.8Apache Software LicenseMatthew BarnettAlternative regular expression module, to replace re.
scipy1.11.1BSD License"SciPy Developers" [email protected]Fundamental algorithms for scientific computing in Python
six1.16.0MIT LicenseBenjamin PetersonPython 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
smart-open6.3.0MIT LicenseRadim RehurekUtils for streaming large files (S3, HDFS, GCS, Azure Blob Storage, gzip, bz2...)
threadpoolctl3.2.0BSD LicenseThomas MoreauPython helpers to limit the number of threads used in native libraries that handle their own internal threadpool (BLAS and OpenMP implementations)
typing_extensions4.7.1Python Software Foundation License"Guido van Rossum, Jukka Lehtosalo, Łukasz Langa, Michael Lee" [email protected]Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python 3.7+

Dependency Tree(s)

JSON file with the complete package dependency tree info of: the full dependency tree

Rendered SVG

Base graphviz file in dot format: Trees of the direct dependencies

Trees of the direct dependencies

Console Representation

├── numpy [required: >=1.18.5, installed: 1.25.2]
├── scipy [required: >=1.7.0, installed: 1.11.1]
│   └── numpy [required: >=1.21.6,<1.28.0, installed: 1.25.2]
└── smart-open [required: >=1.8.1, installed: 6.3.0]
├── click [required: >=7.1.1,<9.0.0, installed: 8.1.6]
└── typing-extensions [required: >=, installed: 4.7.1]