Change History

2023.12.10 : * Breaking change: Added an option to enable the checksum feature (

2023.12.4 : * Amended the debug logs with more context info (

2023.12.3 : * Added filtering on table cell content to table function (

2023.11.21 : * Implemented make summary / caption a DSL / configuration target (

2023.11.19 : * Made summary into self documenting useful markdown table caption (warning may change again)

2023.10.9 : * Made summary in tables optional and false as default (

2023.10.7 : * Fixed the field names config handling to allow per config renaming of columns (

2023.7.20 : * Fixed the broken packaging - api is missing in 2023.6.18 (

2023.6.18 : * Added timeout to http requests (

  • Moved SBOM noise into folder and added SPDX SBOM (derived) in multiple file formats
  • Updated dependencies


2022.11.7 : * Fixed positional argument (query) handling for the csv command

2022.11.6 : * Added replacement option to the csv command that extracts separated values lists ...

2022.11.3 : * Added csv command to extract separated values lists from ticket systems per queries in JQL

2022.9.22 : * Hotfix to enable the console script again

2022.9.21 : * Added API to read MBOM from office table file per convention

2022.7.27 : * Bumped dependencies

2022.7.10 : * Updated SBOM as well as third-party documentation (prose) and fixed findings from static code analysis.

2022.6.8 : * Updated SBOM as well as third-party documentation (prose) and enhanced the naive table transformer.

2022.6.7 : * Updated SBOM as well as third-party documentation (prose) and enhanced the experimental feature (#29).

2022.6.6 : * Updated SBOM as well as third-party documentation (prose) and added an experimental feature (#29).

2022.5.31 : * Bumped dependencies and updated SBOM as well as third-party documentation (prose).

2022.4.30 : * Added configuration parameter to enable server certificate verification for tabulator API

2022.4.29 : * Enlarged query result limit for JIRA backend (partially implementing #25 Offer a parameter to extend the limit for JIRA backend)

2022.4.26 : * Fix for configuration file discovery (#23 Configuration search ignores current dir)

  • Bumped atlassian API dependency

2022.3.23 : * Hotfix for URL construction in kpi table to prepend the base url

2022.3.22 : * Added tabulator mode table backend

2022.3.9 : * Breaking change: Use LASKEA_ prefixed environment variables (instead of ASCIINATOR_) - cf. laskea update -h for the names

  • Moved "cloudness" log statement out of inject area for documents and redirected all logging to stderr
  • Added JOIN_STRING parameter defaulting to ' <br>' (before not customizable and fixed to be '<br>' which is stripped in PDF/DOCX conversions)
  • Added LF_ONLY parameter defaulting to True (which will remove any \r from markdown output)

2022.3.8 : * Introduced strict option to expose warnings on unexpected query result sizes otherwise inject empty strings

  • Removed JQL grammar, parser, and antlr4 dependency (YAGNI) there is a tag yagni-jql-parser for sentimental days
  • Coverage therefore jumped to above 2/3.
  • Added more variables as entries to the template configuration
  • Documented (some) usage changes and removed experimental warning

2022.3.7 : * Reduced noise in dry-run mode when warnings were duplicated if not splitting stderr stream

  • Added new dependency requests-cache to ease the load on the server
  • Added new option for update command to set the expiry of the cache in seconds (default is 180 seconds or 3 minutes)
  • Updated baseline, third-party information, and SBOM

2022.3.6 : * Enhanced user experience for HTTP/400 client errors - failing JQL

  • Enhanced user experience for unexpected results in embedded calls
  • Added cloud switch to JIRA API - new environment variable and login parameter
  • Added further embed calls for definition lists, and headers
  • Added security baseline and hardened configuration resource handling
  • Added tests growing the coverage to 55 %

2022.3.5 : * Refactored codebase and tests

  • Nits

2022.3.4 : * Introduced ul function for injecting unordered markdown lists of keys and summaries

  • Added report of environment facts command to support bug reports (new dependency scooby)

2022.3.3 : * Introduced quiet flag

  • Changed positional argument handling (accepting multiple files)
  • The underlying code generator is called per input argument term
  • Enhanced test coverage

2022.3.2 : * First working implementation of command line mode

  • Added layered configuration handling: -c option, cwd, parent folders, home first wun wins, env overwrites
  • Added new command template to produce a starter template JSON file
  • Added source of effective configuration detection and reporting
  • Added verbose flags to verify and updated commands
  • Added effective configuration reporting to easily generate proven configurations from experimenting
  • Consolidated update and verify commands into update command with verify (dry-run) option

2022.3.1 : * Fixed laskea.api.jira matrix construction (library mode)

  • Added cog api integration for update
  • Moved all inputs to environment (no file based configuration yet)

2022.2.28 : * Enhanced laskea.api.jira for use as a library via code generator

2022.2.27 : * Documented usage examples (for now primarily shenannigans)

  • Added update, verify, and version CLI interfaces
  • Automated SBOM creation and dependency information retrieval
  • Added parent commit information to version info
  • Generated JQL listener and visitor APIs from ANTLR4 grammar

2022.2.26 : * Initial version on PyPI