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Meeting, rendezvous, confluence (Finnish kohtaaminen) mark up, down, and up again.

Given a zip file containing a tree of html and media files following certain conventions, the tool produces a markdown media tree below kohtaaminen-md.

License: MIT

Third party dependencies are documented in the folder third-party.

version downloads wheel supported-versions supported-implementations

Bug Tracker

Feature requests and bug reports are best entered in the todos of kohtaaminen.

Primary Source repository

The main source of kohtaaminen is on a mountain in central Switzerland. We use distributed version control (git). There is no central hub. Every clone can become a new source for the benefit of all. The preferred public clones of kohtaaminen are:

  • on codeberg - a democratic community-driven, non-profit software development platform operated by Codeberg e.V.
  • at sourcehut - a collection of tools useful for software development.